Keyword Bidding

Pay per Click advertising, or keyword bidding, has long been a part of web marketing. It provides high quality, targeted leads, at a lower cost than most other advertising mediums. Google has constantly been evolving its Pay per Click advertising, as have Bing/Yahoo. Google’s Ad Words is the largest PPC advertising medium. Google has a 67% market share in the search engine world, thus giving it an incredibly vast range to visitors. The Ad Words ads show up atop the search results, and also down the side of the results page. Since its establishment over a decade ago, keyword bidding has undergone many changes to evolve into the ads you see today. The Google ads now occupy a large amount of space on the search results pages, and include not only a web link, but also feature ad extensions now that include direct calling, location, social media, product and mobile app extensions. These ad extensions allow the ad to include ways to make the experience easier for those viewing by making contact and product information more accessible, thereby leading to a more efficient ad. The large reach, high exposure and ad extensions do come at a cost. The average cost per click for Google is much higher (up to 10x) than that of Yahoo and Bing. The higher cost is still more than worth it. When it comes down to the matter of price, although PPC advertising can seem expensive, you should not be deterred from using Google’s Ad Words. The bottom line is that you are only paying for when people click through to your website. Although they do not have as large of a reach as Google possesses, Bing/Yahoo should not be ignored when it comes to PPC advertising. Both Bing and Yahoo PPC ads are run through Microsoft’s Ad Center, and therefore they share PPC ads and have the same cost per click through. Together, Yahoo and Bing share 15% market share for search engines, and therefore still have a large amount of visitors. The cost per click through is much lower than Google, and it still bring high quality targeted leads through to your website. To maximize traffic volume to your website, it is imperative that you use Microsoft Ad Center with Google Ad Words. High organic placement should always be your website’s main goal. It will provide you with the lowest cost per targeted lead, and provide you with the most amount of traffic through to your site. Second to that, you should be using PPC advertising. Anyone who is serious about their web marketing needs to be running PPC campaigns. By letting a professional company run your ads you can maximize their efficiency and make sure that your ads are properly targeted, providing you with the best click throughs to generate business.