In the Google search engine’s algorithm, trust has been a factor for many years. Trust refers to your sites reputation and history with the search engine. It is factored on your sites domain registration, server stability, and many other factors. When the search engines have a higher trust in your site, it will give you a better advantage over your competitors, leading to better placement and more traffic! Although it has been a part of the algorithm for years, the factors within trust have been changing. The search engines used to simply look at length of time that the domain has been registered, and also the server stability (site availability). If a search engine attempts to spider your site and it finds the server down, it will lose trust in your site and it will not place as well. These two factors used to be the main parts of the trust, but now it has changed to incorporate such things as the site’s reputation, authorship, date of registration, and onsite & offsite posting references. With Google’s release of Google Plus this last year, they have begun to factor its use into their algorithm. If your website is affiliated with a Google Plus page, it will help with your reputation in the search engine giant. By allowing your Google Plus page to be viewed by public, and using it for promotion, it will aid in ranking. Other social media outlets, such as Twitter, can also help in your site reputation. Use it to post relevant industry articles and promote your business. Site authorship should always be present on your site. The site authorship should include your name, education and credentials, the date of authorship, and also any references to onsite or offsite postings. The education and credentials will be any degree or diplomas which you carry, but also any position you hold that is relevant to your industry. If you are on a quality control or review board, this should be placed in with credentials. The onsite or offsite postings are such things as blogs or other social media. Place links for these in with your authorship and it will help to boost your trust position in the Google algorithm, lead to higher organic placement. Having a verified author will also allow Google to place an avatar beside your listings, which is a sign of higher trust in a site. The avatar that Google uses comes from your Google+ page. You have to make sure that your Google+ account is synced with your website and that your picture is a high res head shot of yourself. Having the picture with your link on the result page does not only help with the algorithm for trust, but it will also provide more trust in the people who are searching, and can drive more traffic to your site.