Backlink Votes

Backlinks are a large factor that search engines use in their algorithms. Backlinks should be one way votes directed to your site, from other sites. These can come in forms of anchor text links, linked ads and directory listings. It is important with backlinks that they be one way, and properly themed for your website, as the quality of the link is a determining factor in the algorithm as well. The best way to create one way anchor text based backlink votes is via newsfeeds and social bookmarking. News and Social have a higher trust level that directory links. Niche listings with anchor text are good votes but adding directory listing with unique anchor text is a slow process and because the process is not viral like news or social these links need to come on slowly at no more than five per week on site. There are many companies that offer what we call “link farming”, which is buying numerous backlinks all at once. Any SEO company worth its salt can tell you how bad of an idea this is. If your site receives a large amount of poor quality backlinks all at once, it is going to make the search engines take notice. Link farming can be very hazardous to a sites placement. Because backlinks are such a strong part of the algorithms (roughly 25%), they are taken very seriously in the search engines algorithm. If you are caught doing something spammy, like link farming, they will tank your site, and it is extremely difficult to come back. A proper backlink directory strategy takes patience. News and social strategies are accepted quicker and Google expects new & social to be viral. Backlink strategies are worthwhile to help keep your site placing high. Sustained backlinks will help you keep a competitive advantage over other sites, ultimately leading to more business for you.