Social media outlets such as Facebook and Google Plus have grown in popularity in recent years. Millions around the world use these social networks to keep in touch with our friends and family, but they are also heavily used for promotion. Many business around the world use social networks to keep their customer and clients up to date with company events and news. It provides a free form of network promotion. Although at a face value, all of the social networking websites seem quite similar, and you may even assume that because it has the biggest following, that Facebook should be your number one choice for social media. But from a SEO perspective, all of these sites are not equal. Facebook has no current major affiliation with Google which promotes site indexing. For you, this means that a Facebook page for your business isn’t going to have an algorithm effect on organic placement, and therefore, it is not going to help out your site very much. Of course it is still a good idea to have a Facebook page, they do have the largest social user base and therefore you can still have a large outreach to your client base, Facebook just won’t help your site’s organic placementwith Google much, other than traffic increases that affect some search engines, like Alexa. Twitter has exploded in popularity recently. It is used heavily by celebrities, teens and socialites, but you can also use it as a tool to help your website. Because of Twitter’s own internal search engine and hash tagging on Twitter posts, having industry relevant, promotional Twitter posts with hot links can help drive traffic to your site. The use of Twitter posts to comment on industry relevant articles and links will also aid in your sites trust, which is a significant part of the algorithm. A year ago Google launched their Google Plus, a new social networking site which focused on keeping people in touch, and also being more business related. Because it is owned by Google, the pages are fully indexed and they do help your sites organic placement. By having a Google Plus page that is linked to your business’ webpage, you are able to help you sites placement through Google Plus activity. The Google Plus badge on your website will show how many people have “+1’d” your Google Plus page, and these act as votes towards your site. These votes, coupled with consistent and industry relevant posts, will help your site place organically on Google. The smartest way for you to run your social media networking is by syncing your accounts. There are many third party applications for Google Plus that allow you to post onto Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to only post once, but have it show up in all three social networks. The second largest on line search engine, behind Google, is YouTube. There are almost 500,000,000 individual videos uploaded, and the number grows every day. YouTube was purchased by Google 2006, and has since become a subsidiary company. The videos on YouTube range from video blogs, official music videos, commercials, simple video uploads from users and more. Because it is an affiliate of Google, YouTube can be a very useful tool in helping to promote your site. The video tags on YouTube are fully indexed by Google, so by making sure that they are properly tagged you can have them rank high in relevant Google searches. You can use this to help your business by posting videos to a YouTube channel. Simple “How To” videos or product/ facility reviews work the best. These videos can act as a branding exercise for your business, but they will also be added into search results for your keywords, bringing more interest and traffic to your site. It’s important to remember with social media, that this should not be a major part of your marketing plan. Social networking is great for reaching out to existing clients, and for making new ones, but it nowhere near as affective as true search engine optimization and web marketing. Your goal online should be to have people visiting your webpage, not your Facebook page. Social networks should be used as tools to help your website place organically, and should not be the primary focus of web marketing.